Ilene Sperling MA, CCC

A unique approach for the treatment of
Speech, Language and Feeding disorders

Perception-Action Approach

arrowPerception-Action Approach (P-A Approach) (previously known as TAMO) is a therapeutic handling approach based on Dynamic Systems and Perception- Action theories of motor development. The P-A Approach uses gentle hands-on techniques to help children with sensory motor disorders learn to move in new ways with improved motor skills and coordination.

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Zero Balancing

arrowUsing gentle but skilled touch, Zero Balancing releases limitations, restrictions or energy held within the bones and joints. This helps the body be free to move and more open to life and health.

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Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy

arrowCranial Sacral therapy uses gentle but skilled touch to help the entire body relax and begin a process of self healing. The gentle touch invites the rhythmic motion of the cells and fluids of the body to eliminate pain and stress and enhance health and well being.

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How I can help

Speech and feeding difficulties often develop when the body is not in the proper postural alignment or moving with control and balance. Low or high muscle tone, imbalances in body weight distribution and incoordination of the body through the head, neck, trunk and pelvis can influence the fine muscle movements of the jaw, face, lips and tongue needed for feeding and speech.

Helping the body to be more organized and coordinated in movement (Perception-Action Approach), or helping to release limitations or restrictions in bones and joints (Zero Balancing), or releasing limitations in tissues and fluids (Cranial Sacral Therapy), can help to improve movement and motion throughout the body. Improving the ability to use the body with better coordination and balance can help to improve functional muscle movements necessary for proper breath support, feeding or speech.


Courses Taught: 5 Day Perception-Action class - Tel Aviv, Israel- February 2013

Upcoming Courses:
3 Day Perception-Action course September 12-14, 2014, Miami Children's Hospital, Miami, Florida.


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